Backup Camera Mirror Monitors

PNA Auto Sport Back-up CameraLet us help you design the perfect safety system, no matter the make or model of your vehicle. Here at PNA Auto Sport we carry a full line of back-up cameras that will help you safely navigate and park. We can hook up a back-up camera to either a front TV (navigation/DVD) screen, or to a mirror monitor camera combo that is designed to fit any vehicle. At PNA we offer a full line of back-up camera monitors from well-renowned brands such as:

  • Jensen
  • Pioneer
  • Prestige
  • Soundstream
  • Farenheit
  • Vizualogic
  • and many more!

We strive to deliver the very best in customer service. Today there are a number of auto systems available, so get the expert advice you need to find the best system for your vehicle. This is our priority at PNA Autosport, as all of our installations are performed by our certified technicians. We will work with you to match your expectations, so you can have peace of mind while upgrading and enhancing your vehicle.

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